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Mafia Of..Spammers?!

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Lets Take A Peek – The Stardoll Freaxx


So I Just checked the Results Of the Poll & We Got the Final Answer


The Stardoll Fanatics / 6.67% (1 Votes)

The Stardoll Freakshow / 6.67 (1 Votes)

The Stardoll Freaxx / 66.67 (10 Votes)

The Stardoll Vanity / 13.33 (2 Votes)

Other / 6.67 (1 Votes)


You know the Final Answer!

The Stardoll Freaxx!

Its (Un)Official Yet

Why not Take a Moment & See?

We’re updating on Graphics

Learning on Hands.. Shading.. You Know

But I’ll still Suck at it xD


The Stardoll Fanatics – From WordPress to Blogspot?


Hello My Dear Beautiful (And Handsome) Little Dollies 😀

I Just Read Justins post Just before this Post, I Apologize if it Offended any Of you, You Know he didn’t mean to Say Anything Bad about Ghandoora, He isn’t Sayin’ that Shes A Famewhore, Well a Bit of an Attention Seeking though But He Apologizes, He was Mistaken with the Words, I Decided to Suspend him for 3 Days But He Sent me a Message On MSN:


I Apologize About my Last Post About Ghandoora’s Blog, I Dont Know Why i Thought of it, But it was Funny, I Didn’t meant Anything Bad, You know me, I’m a Total Crackhead, I Did it for Fun, Just for the laughs But I NEVER Meant Anything Bad Or Calling her a Famewhore but She is a Bit of an Attentionseeking but Who Really Cares Shes just Trying Make an Succesful Project Just like us Doing TSF, We can Be Real Bitchy & Annoying When We try To Do stuffs, But what Ghandoora was Doing is Cheating, Commenting on Different Blogs and Replying to HERSELF? & Pretending to be Someone else, Alright i Admit I’m An Asshole, I Usually Annoy Peoples & Sometimes i Break Promises, But i Still Have Feelings, I Have Mistaken.. I Apologize If i Hurted her Feelings..”

Well Guess I Aint gonna Suspend him, Well Lets Skip to the News


But not Yet Coming.. Erm were Moving on to Blogspot to Improve The Stardoll Fanatic’s Population & Enjoyments Waddayafink? Lol But i’m needing on a New Name.. Here A Little poll, We ask, You Answer.

Soo? Well I’m Loving the Name “The Stardoll Vanity” & “The Stardoll Freaxx” What about you? I’m thinking of a New Name cause i Just found out that the Name The Stardoll Fanatics Already Existed since 2008, And theres Two Blogs, Yes I’m Such an Idiot of not Thinking of an Un-Existing name.

Seeya Dollies :]

Attention Seeker or a FameWhore?


I Know I’m not The one Who writes Gossips & Blabbers Here but Anyways I Found some real Funny Crackups around Stardoll & Blogs 😛

Her names Ghandoora & She’s a Total Shitty Attention Seeker

Well I’m not Being a Jackass & Trying to get an attention but this Girl is a Total Lolage xD She’d spam the whole Stardoll to get Over millions of Users On her Fabulous Bullshit Blog Named Ghandoora Something Dablabla Blogspot DOHT Come I Dont seriously Know ROFL, Heres what i found..

On her Presentation:

“Possibly, Shes the Only one who Reads her Loner Blog”

“You know these 3 Cunts Anonymous Is actually Ghandoora”

WOWZERS! If SMW & PSG Are the old Stuffs Then Why the Fudge?  Are you Posting an Ad on PSG? I Must Say PSG is one of my Favorite Elite blog of all Time

Today I Spied on Vallerina08’s Account, No Actually I Have Her password ever Since I Joined on Stardoll, We Share Accounts xD

I Lol’d at this GB Comment, Did Vall actually meant Shes just going to take a Peek.. Not SIGNING UP? Rofl I Know her Personality and I Fer sure Think that She wouldn’t sign up for that Shit, She doesn’t wanna be Famous & An Elite Anyways

Theres alot more Blogs she Spammed on.. Wow.. “New IT Girl” ? Or

The new Rebecca Black, I Read her Blog For ONCE! I Didn’t know how the Fuck her FameWhore’n Power could get that Hundred comments on The post about her Wanting a New Writer? And seriously Ghandoora the Boss? thats a Stupid Blog name…. YOUR NOT MY GRANDMOTHER! Haha that reminds me of Vall Whenever Her sister or friends tell her to do Something Stupid Or tells her to Shut up LOLAGE 😛

See You Little Darlings 😉

Stardoll – Weird Hairstyles


Hello Dollywood, Sorry For not Posting Freebies & News, Wednesday May 18 Was My Birthday & I Was Busy On Computer, Having a Bit Party on Virtual Games such as Stardoll, AQWorlds, Second Life & Others so I Was Total Busy This Weekend Lol(:

Yeah You Heard Read That, Best of the Worst Hairstyles..

I Dont have anything to Post, I’m Total Bored x]

Okay lets Start..



Vote : 1/5
"Disco Stoo'Pid"
Absolutely WEIRD This hair is Most Popularly Seen On Hackers & Spare Spare
Accounts, Whenever I See this Hair It Always Reminds me of THIS!
"Uh-Huh And This Ahah"
Yeah, Thats the Game AQWorlds, Srsly the guy in The Right K?
Vote: 3/5
Whats This? Hmm Hmm Umm?
Whenever i See this It Always Reminds me of 'John Travolta'
Whoops I Got no Picture of John Travolta Haha :]
Well, This Hair Seems to Disgust me A Bit,
I Mean Look at the Hair, It looks like your Hairs Covered in Chocolate or..
Dog Poo?
I would Vote this 4 Out of 1   If it Was Enhanced abit and
No More Dog-Poop-Lookin Hair 
Vote : 1/5
"The HolyFatCowWithWingsAndAHalo Hair"
I Never SEEN Anyone with this Hair EVER EVER EVER & NEVER
It Looks So Disgusting to Me
How does it Look? Noodles? Nah, Chocolate? Nah WaitWhatTheF#%@?
 All my Life i Never Liked this Hair
Eh I Have no Idea to Post.. Any other Hairs you dont Like?
I'd Probably Post more :]

Free Blue HairColor, Necklace, Flag +SS Only Lion


(Justin Is Still Unavailable..XD)

(Credits to ©HTGF)

-If you are from From Finland just go To the Links Below:
For Haircolour,Necklace,Flag (for all) – Enter contest by clicking HERE
For Lion (SS only) – Enter contest by clicking HERE
For Coat of Arms Tee (SS only) – Enter contest by clicking HERE

-If you aren’t from Finland, You have to Set a Finnish manual proxy like –

IP Address:  Port: 3128 Or
IP Address:  Port: 80 Or
IP Address: Port: 8080 Or
IP Address: Port: 8080
(Be Patient, The Proxies are Slow)
1)Go to, Log in (if you see Finnish contests, if not, refresh or log in and out few times till you see the contests, if it doesn’t help close and open browser and be sure to have no internet tabs/windows open while using the proxy, if not you should clear your history)
2)Copy and Paste this contest link for HairColour,Necklace,Flag:
3)Wait till contest page loads (you can already turn off the proxy, so it loads faster)
4)If you are Superstar, Visit this ss contest link for lion:
5)If you are Superstar, Visit this ss contest link for tee:
6)Turn off the proxy
I’m Lazy to Type Much, So Huge Credits to

Free Norway’s National Costume


Actually, Justin Isn’t Available to Post the Freebies, So Its Vallerina08 posting(:

~Free Norway International Outfit

(Blouse, Skirt, Hat, Shoes & Ribbon Tag)

-If Your From Norway Just Enter the Comp HERE

-If Your Not from Norway, Follow These Steps

~1 Go To a Norway Proxy Such as (Thanks to HTGF)

~2 Copy & Paste this Link into The Sidebar: And Click “SURF”

~3 Log in

~4 Paste this Link onto the Proxy bar:

And go Back to Regular Stardoll (;

xoxo Vallerina08 ❤


Free -> Adrienne Dress


~Free Adrienne Dress

(Credits to HTGF For the Links)

-If you are from Austria, Log in and Enter contest by clicking HERE
-If you are from Finland, Log in and Enter contest by clicking HERE
-If you are from Germany, Log in and Enter contest by clicking HERE
-If you are from Greece, Log in and Enter contest by clicking HERE
-If you are from Poland, Log in and Enter contest by clicking HERE
-If you are from Russia, Log in and Enter contest by clicking HERE 
-If you are from Sweden, Log in and Enter contest by clicking HERE
-If you are from UK, Log in and Enter contest by clicking HERE

If your From Anywhere else that Aint mentioned above, Simply Go HERE

And Go to your Suite 🙂

xx_JustinB_xx / Justin Branson