Free Chalet Girl Items


(Credits to SMW)

If Your from UK Just Go here and Click the Item Pics

If your Out of UK..

1. Use a UK proxy such as OR OR OR OR
2. Type and Hit enter/Go
3. Login then change the link to

Then wait till the page finishes loading

4.Then change the link to

It will direct you to the facebook Page, ignore it and go back to your Suite :)

Free Hannah Montana Forever Stuffs


YES I’m back, Apologize for not Posting For a month (Since Valentines Day)

I’ve been very busy Last month February












Hannah Montana Campaign is Back on Stardoll!

This time, Hannah Montana Forever, The Last Season!

Their giving out a free dress, Microphone and a TV

Last Season..Mmm.. I’m gonna miss Those funny times on Hannah Montana

Anyways for the Free Things

If your from Usa just join the contest below


If your not..

Use a US Proxy Such as OR OR OR
(Credits to SMW)
2. Click go or hit Enter
3. Log In
4. Paste this into the Proxy Bar:
5. Wait for the page loads, then go back to your suite :)

Free – Football jersey Shirts & Football


(credits to USD)


If your from USA Just join the contest below:

If not go to or


Paste this link to the box

Login then paste this to the box

For the foot ball use the same proxy and go here

if you wanna do the contest the answers are

1. Packers vs. Steelers
2. Texas
3. Black Eyed Peas
4. Christina Aguilera

Log off the proxy and go back to regular stardoll


Free Pretty In Pink forest Skirt (SS Only)


(Credits to USD for the picture & Info)

Theres a new Superstar only contest in poland that Gives us this pretty skirt


If your Not from poland Use one of these Proxy servers or or or

Paste this link into the box:
Login then change the link to



Free Blue Kawaii Pillow


New contest in poland that gives us This Blue kawaii Pillow ^^

If you are out of Poland you’ll need a Proxy server go to or or or

Paste this link to the box

Login then change the link to

Free Lace Umbrella


Theres a new Contest in Brazil that gives us this Pretty Umbrella ^_^


I Couldn’t find any Brazil Proxy server in my List

So i guess You’ll need to use A Manual Proxy.

Try, port 8080, port 8080 , 80 Or port 8080 (Faster) (Credits to Browseinstardoll)


Login then Change the link to




Free Crossover Bag


New contest in sweden!

It gives a free Cross-over bag


If your outside of Sweden use one of these Proxy Server:,,

Copy and Paste this link to the Box: and hit go


Log in, then paste this link into the box

Log off and go back to your stardoll


Free Beverly Hills Chihuahua Dogs!


(© Underneathstardoll)

You get papi by Visiting the Campaign page In The US Only:

If your out of US Sorry but you need to use a manual proxy

Since the game’s Flash based

Now to get Papi & Chloe Use 1 of these Manual Proxy 80

Or port:80

Now Go to

You get Chloe by playing Puppy Roundup

**How to play the game**

To complete the game you’ll need to find all 5 Dogs

Scroll the bottom of the page to find them

When you found a dog click on it then click on the text above to add it to your collection

Heres the location on where the dogs are..







**this puppy is on the left side of the page**



Voilaa Chloe and papi will appear in your suite

Freebies + Amazing news!



Some of you already know this news,

..Non-superstars can Now Buy Starbazaar items!! Even interior!

This news totally made my day ^o^

So that means WE! can buy Hotbuys clothes At Starbazaars! xD

Ok lets skip to the freebies..

Free Harajuku Outfit

(Thanks to USD)

No offence but this outfit is “EWW” O.o i mean like look at that, When you wear this outfit, your tummy looks fat?! xD

You dont have to be a member to get this item

If your from UK use this Manual proxy with port 3128

after setting up the proxy type and login

then Go to
(You dont have to wait for the page to finish loading)

Now go back to regular stardoll and go to your suite

Free gathered Foil top

Yes yes another free holiday item!

Click here to get it!

Free Longoria Dress

Seems like Stardoll is giving lots of items from contests in polish!

(Credits to USD)

Its very beautiful!

If your Out of Poland use a proxy server such as: or or

Paste this into the box

Hit enter or “GO”

Login then change the link to

Log out and go back to regular stardoll



Free Bird


Woo another free item from Holiday calendar!

Wow, yes yes beautiful!

Go here and get it before it expires!


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